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frequently asked questions.

What brand(s) do you use?

I am asked this a lot, as well as if I sell make up (I do not).  I use a variety of brands - all are high quality, and all but a couple products are luxury brands from stores such as Sephora, Beautylish etc.  I have spent years determining what I think are some of the most long wearing, quality and comfortable products.  Fun fact:  If I want the ultimate test in wearability, longevity and water resistance, I will wear new makeup while I teach Jazzercise.   The sweat pours down my face, and if the test makeup withstands that, I know it can (hopefully) withstand anything you may throw at it - for as many waking hours you need!

*keep in mind all skin types are different, and results can vary (this is why I have all brides complete a trial, and recommend it to anyone else as an optional add on)

How long does it take?

This is variable, depending on the makeup application you are looking for.  Typically though, appointments are roughly an hour.  Bridal appointments (day of wedding) average 60-90 min.  Absolute perfection can take extra time!  I'll do my best to give you an accurate timeline once we have chatted about your ideal makeup look!

Can you make my wrinkles disappear and eyes less puffy?

As much as it would make me ecstatic, I am not a magician, and cannot make anything disappear.  (Believe me,  I'm nearing 40, and if there was a way, I'd be doing it on myself every day!)  Here's the deal with imperfections, and skin that isn't as perfect as it was in our early 20s - they won't be filled in, or puff less puffy, but with certain techniques, we can brighten, even out skin tone and take the focus away from what you may be self conscious about.  I will often implement the 'less is more' vibe on more mature skin, as too much can accentuate textures and such.  We can also highlight the features you love and really bring them out!  There are several things you can do at home/with your favourite aesthetician before your makeup application to prep your skin for best results.  (More on that here)

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