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appointment prep.

tips and tricks for your best results

You've got your appointment, and something exciting to look forward to - here's how you can help me, help you get the best results! 


Both internally and externally.

Having hydrated skin just makes everything better!  It's smoother, and doesn't latch on to every bit of moisture in your makeup, which can leave you with that dry, uneven, 'cakey' feeling.  Skin hydration comes from both your H2O intake, and quality skin care products.  While I do have primers that add some hydration, it's so important to have your skin hydrated from within - it just feels good! 

Please arrive with a clean, moisturized face for your appointment.


Please and thank you!

I cannot stress the importance of exfoliating your skin prior to makeup applications (and as part of your regular skincare routine)  Your skin is constantly regenerating new skin cells, and naturally sloughing off the dead cells.  The dead cells can create a dry feeling, and makes for a rough surface to apply makeup on.  Think of it almost like when you sand a surface to paint.  You sand to make it smooth, and eliminate the roughness so your paint glides on smoothly, and evenly.  This is the same thing with the skin on your face.  Whether you use a physical exfoliant (the gritty ones/microdermabrasion), chemical exfoliant (acids, AHA, lactic acid etc.), dermaplaning (my personal favourite - dead skin and peach fuzz, be gone!) or a combination - helping your skin lose the dead cells, and bring out the smooth, healthy cells is a win, all around!  Please exfoliate the day of, or day before your appointment for your best makeup results.

Don't forget your lips too!  I want your lip colour to stay on, and look smooth and healthy.  You can make a simple lip scrub with some sugar and olive or coconut oil if you don't have one.  And it tastes yummy too!  Just don't scrub tooooo hard, the skin on your lips is thin.  I've over scrubbed before - it doesn't feel good!

*Please be sure to speak to your dermatologist, or aesthetician if you have any questions regarding proper exfoliation for your skin.

New Skin Care Routines

(Brides - I'm especially talking to you!)

Don't try a new, fancy facial you've never tried 3 days before your wedding or special event.  Try to avoid new skincare products within 4 weeks too if you can.  I would hate for you to have a negative reaction to a product or service (including injections) just days before your big day. 


*Again, speak to your skincare professionals regarding your routines, changes to your products and aesthetic services.

A Good Night's Sleep

I know, I know, this isn't always possible - I can encourage this all I want!   But do everything you can to get a good rest the night before.  It helps minimize puffiness.

What To Wear

Please wear something that doesn't have a tight neckline that has to go over your head after we are done.   If at all possible, just wear something either loose, or that unzips/opens from the front.  Robes for wedding parties are wonderful for hair and makeup - plus they just look super cute!  

Also, as much as I try not to, sometimes powder falls on to your clothing.  So you and I will both prefer if you change into your formal attire after we are finished!  Touch ups are a different story - wear what you're wearing, don't worry, I've got you (and your pretty clothes) :) 

Side note - powder doesn't wreck your clothes - it washes off in the laundry!

Send Me Inspiration Photos

I find photos of what inspires your makeup goals so helpful!  However uncertain you may be about what you would like, if you see a photo of just one element you love, that's good!  Like the liner in one photo? the highlight in another? the eyeshadow style in another?  It all helps!  

Keep in mind that most photos on Instagram, Pinterest etc are highly edited!  And not everyone can wear the same shaped winged liner, or black waterline eyeliner - but I will do everything  I can to take what you love, and compliment your face with the vibe you're feeling!

Be Honest

You won't hurt my feelings!

I want you to love your makeup, feel confident, beautiful and comfortable!  Makeup isn't permanent, and can usually be adjusted or changed easily during the application process!  If you don't like something I've done, please tell me.  The last thing I want is for you to go about your day wishing I did something different, or disliking your makeup!  

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!  I may not be able to answer everything (as it pertains to professional aesthetics/dermatology), but I'll point you in the right direction!

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